Robberg Nature Reserve offers great walking and hiking trails and is an excellent view site for cliff based whale and dolphin sightings. There are three circular walks of various lengths, caves, and extensive information about Robberg’s geology, archaeology and existing marine life.

Nelsons Bay Cave- oldest inhabited cave know to man - Nelson Bay Cave is located on the Robberg Peninsula (34°06' S, 23°24' E) at Plettenberg Bay, Cape Province, South Africa. Excavation of the Late Quaternary fill of the cave has provided a rich assemblage of mammalian remains dated between ca. 18,000 and 5000 radiocarbon years B.P.The earlier change is especially clear-cut and is interpreted to reflect the disappearance of grassland from the area as well as the influence of rising sea level. The mammalian species dated between 18,000 and 12,000 B.P.